March 8, 2022

The Decentralized Web

The Decentralized Web

Twitter may have been the original creator of the hashtag symbol, but hashtags have long since broken out of the corral, so to speak, and earned a place of their own in the World Wide Web. Now that the The Decentralized Web has created a new place for hashtags to land, they're making a way for business owners to connect with new customers and clients through their unique ability to perform as a marketing tool. If you're not familiar with The Decentralized Web, you'll want to take a closer look at how it's changing the way businesses are experiencing growth and safeguarding your privacy.

Hashtags on Twitter- What They Do

Twitter hashtags make it possible for the platform to index topics by interest. When a user creates a hashtag on Twitter, they simply add the hashtag symbol (#) to a word or series of words to generate a following; the more users who retype or share the hashtag, the greater the following. If enough interest is generated, the hashtag will trend on the platform and may become news in other media outlets, as well. The power of the hashtag is certainly something to be carefully considered.

Branding Hashtags- How They Work

Once you have a better sense of how a hashtag works, you can understand the incredible potential for hashtag marketing. Assigning a hashtag to your company's name, products, or services essentially makes marketing efforts more effective; however, there's good news and bad news about branding hashtags.

  • The Good News: You can ride a hashtag wave for a long time, provided another company or brand doesn't usurp your hashtag.
  • The Bad News: You don't own the hashtag on the World Wide Web.

Here's where things get really interesting. The Decentralized Internet is being built as we speak, opening doors for significant improvements in safety and security on the Web, but personal and corporate information being safeguarded is only one of many advantages the new Web has over the original internet. Hashtag domains are changing the way businesses market their products, services, and brands. Old hashtag marketing tactics are replaced on The Decentralized Web with innovative hashtag ownership, which changes everything.

What is a Hashtag Domain?

When the first internet was being built, dot com domains were wide open; if you were a business owner who wanted to build a website, almost any domain name was open to you. Now, some decades later, the most marketable domain names are taken; you can still purchase many of them, but they'll cost you.

As The Decentralized Web, or Internet, is being built, domain names are available to purchase for the unbelievable price of $24.95, renewable annually. Domain names are still widely available, which means the sooner you search for, find, and buy your domain name, the sooner you can resolve your existing website to the Decentralized Web. Instead of domains ending with dot com, they begin with a hashtag, therefore, for the first time on the internet, your purchased hashtag domain belongs to you, and you alone.

How to Create a Hashtag For Your Brand

The first step in choosing a hashtag domain is to take advantage of free resources on the centralized internet. While the first internet is soon to be replaced by a better version of itself, it still has its usefulness. Understanding how marketing developed in the early dot com days will help you select an effective hashtag domain name. Try looking in the search engines for the following information:

  • Top Ten Keywords For "insert your industry here"
  • Top Ten Keywords For "Insert your company's products or services here"
  • Popular Hashtags For "insert topics related to your brand here"

Get as creative as you like while you research what has worked in the past for business owners in your particular sector, then apply what you've learned to buying your own hashtag domain.

Effective Social Media Hashtag Campaigns

It's possible to resolve your existing website to more than one hashtag domain- and since they're relatively inexpensive, it makes sense to use every advantage to win new customers and clients. In the past, marketing campaigns using hashtags were understood to be temporary fixes to sales problems; now, they're permanent and affordable solutions that will work for you 24/7, directing traffic to your website, helping you to rank better in the search engines, and generating new leads and sales on The Decentralized Web and on the Centralized Web.

Search for your hashtag domain online at, then make it your own. For more information, contact Hashtag Space CEO, Robert Bibb, at 1.304.933.1944.