January 21, 2020

Web Design Fort Lauderdale

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Web Design Fort Lauderdale

For the best Web design in Fort Lauderdale, you need a digital marketing company like Naked Media who understands what a stellar Web design is and how to create one. Regardless of your niche or industry, you need a website that is modern, clean, and responsive. Additionally, you probably want a Web design that's not too complicated but not too simple either. Great Web design does more than enhance the look of the website; it promotes visitor engagement and leads to a lower bounce rate.

Your Web design should reflect the personality of your business. Everything from the colors and fonts to the typography, along with graphics and imagery, should reflect your brand and convey your message to your visitors clearly. Along with great Web design comes great Web development. Naked Media can also assist with Web development. We are an A to Z website company.

Can We Design a Website from Scratch?

If you need Web design in Fort Lauderdale, Naked Media can make a world of difference. We can go into your CSS files and make adjustments as we see fit, and we can even build you a website from scratch with an amazing, professional design that you'll be proud of for years to come using HTML5 and CSS3 with some Javascript.

Does Naked Media Design WordPress Sites?

For those of our clients who prefer to have or already have a WordPress website, we will use a child theme and code your site for you, altering the files in your WordPress theme. We recommend the use of child themes for WordPress Web development because child themes won't break the coding as parent themes do when your WordPress theme updates.

The great part about WordPress Web design is that we can essentially hand over the keys to the website when we're finished. It's much easier to teach a client about what we're doing with WordPress because we can easily show them in ways they understand and can manage from the front end and back end of their WordPress dashboards. It's very difficult to show someone a Brackets document and explain what we're doing and how to make changes when you need to.

What Makes a Great Web Design?

Great Web design in the 21st Century involves utilizing the header and footer areas in the design process. These are great places for branding, and not enough people are using them, especially not the header area.

Additionally, making sure the Web design matches the content is very important. That is why, when possible, we prefer to design websites that are already built and have some content on them. It's much easier to adapt your Web design around your content than it is to adapt your content around your Web design.

Contact Naked Media for Web Design in Fort Lauderdale

Naked Media also offers monthly maintenance packages to keep your design optimal and to ensure that your website is functioning at its full capacity. This includes site speed and device responsiveness. We're here to help if you need Web design in Fort Lauderdale. Just give us a call when you're ready.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale
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